Sunday, June 1, 2008

Installing a Pixart Imaging, CIF Single Chip Webcam

Summer, 2008
Blissfully unaware about Hardware Compatibility Lists in driver pages, i finally got myself a USB web cam. It was this little thing i thought would work without hassle. >>

Looks like i was wrong. A `lsusb` output on my Debian GNU/Linux box and this was what i got :

093a:2460 Pixart Imaging, CIF Single Chip

Looking all good, i headed down to Google to search for the vendor ID. I ended up with this ( page and found out that my cam was supported by the spca5xx drivers. Downloaded the tarball from the same site, wasted a couple of hours downloading hell lot of dependencies for the compilation and finally it compiled. ;)

It just didn't work no matter what. The cam was sitting there literally for months together until i found another blog deeply hidden in Google in which the guy had the same problem as mine and thank heavens he had a workaround too.

So this is what i had to do :

$ cd /path/to/the/tarball/
$ tar xvf gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
$ cd gspca/modules/gspca/Pixart/

Once there, you need to edit a file called pac207.h
In Line 137, replace
if(id[0]!=0x27) with if(id[0]!=0x27 || id[1]!=0x08)
So you'll end up with this :
PDEBUG(2, " Pixart Sensor ID 0x%02X Chips ID 0x%02X !!\n", id[0],
if(id[0]!=0x27 || id[1]!=0x08)
return -ENODEV;

return 0;

Well, that's pretty much it. Just save the file, close and rebuild it with "make" and "make install" as root.
Plug in the cam and you'll see some messages appear in
`dmesg | tail` if your webcam was successfully detected and gspca driver was loaded right and yes the cam was working!

P.S : If your kernel doesn't auto-load modules, just do a modprobe gspca

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boch said...

Hello i know that the post is pretty old but,have you tried it with another software like skype or Eviacam?
I'm trying on Ubuntu 10.10 and it works with Cheese. I can see myself and do snapshots...
Because when i try to use it it tells me that the webcam may be already in use. But i doubt it is because i just plug it and nothing more.